Friday, November 25, 2011

my retirement.

i don't want to be star quarterback anymore. please. just let me sit on the bench. stop depending on me for a good game. i'm old, tired, and sick of it all.

i'm going into retirement. i'm serious. i'm not pulling a brett favre.

Friday, October 7, 2011

trip down memory lane

  • Kissed someone.
  • Smoked a cigarette.
  • Got so drunk you passed out.
  • Rode every ride at an amusement park.
  • Collected something really stupid. 
  • Gone to a rock concert.
  • Helped someone.
  • Gone fishing.
  • Watched four movies in one night.
  • Gone long periods of time without sleep. 
  • Lied to someone.
  • Snorted cocaine.
  • Failed a class. 
  • Smoked weed.
  • Dealt drugs.
  • Been in a car accident.
  • Been in a tornado.
  • Done hard drugs (i.e. ecstasy, crack, meth, acid).
  • Been to a funeral.
  • Burned yourself
  • Ran a marathon.
  • Cried yourself to sleep. 
  • Spent over $200 in one day.
  • Flown on a plane.
  • Been cheated on.
  • Written a ten page letter.
  • Gone skiing.
  • Been sailing. 
  • Cut yourself. 
  • Had a best friend.
  • Lost someone you loved.
  • Shoplifted something. 
  • Been to jail.
  • Dangerously close to being in jail.
  • Had detention.
  • Skipped school.
  • Got in trouble for something you didn’t do.
  • Stolen books from the library.
  • Gone to a different country.
  • Dropped out of school.
  • Been in a mental hospital.
  • Watched the “Harry Potter” movies.
  • Had an online diary.
  • Gambled in a casino.
  • Had a yard sale.
  • Had a lemonade stand. 
  • Been in a school play. 
  • Been fired from a job.
  • Taken a lie detector test.
  • Swam with dolphins.
  • Gone to sea world.
  • Voted for someone on a reality TV show.
  • Written poetry.
  • Read more than 20 books a year.
  • Gone to Europe.
  • Loved someone you shouldn’t have.
  • Used a colouring book over age 12.
  • Had surgery.
  • Had stitches.
  • Taken a taxi. 
  • Seen the Washington Monument.
  • Had more than 5 IM’s/online conversations going at once.
  • Overdosed.
  • Had a drug or alcohol problem.
  • Been in a fist fight.
  • Suffered any form of abuse.
  • Had a hamster.
  • Petted a wild animal. 
  • Gone surfing in California.
  • Did “spirit day” at school. 
  • Dyed your hair.
  • Got a tattoo.
  • Had something pierced.
  • Got straight A’s.
  • Been on the Honor Roll.
  • Taken pictures with a webcam.
  • Gotten caught having a party while parents were gone away.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

back to the beginning

folks, it's about that time. the end is nigh! my two years in seoul is almost up and i'm on the prowl for a new job that will take me back stateside.

the plan? 

i'll move back to the states, get an architecture job, rack up my hours, get licensed, and then take a long hard look at my life and decide if i want to pursue something else or stay an architect. i know many of you are rooting for me to switch careers as soon as i get back ... but ... i need a safety net. i need to have a back-up plan. i figure, considering i went to school for 5 years for architecture, i should at least get licensed. i don't want all of that tuition money to go to waste, do i? i also am unsure if my unhappiness with architecture is due to my current environment (korean office, korean people, korean architecture ... korea in general) or the actual work itself. i think i'll give architecture one last chance.

phase one: research.
phase two: apply.
phase three: work on my portfolio.
phase four: interview. (hopefully!)
phase five: either repeat steps one, two, and four all over again or accept a position!

i spent most of my day researching firms i'd want to apply to. i'm currently looking for a job in new york city, san francisco, or chicago. does anyone have any contacts in any of these places that would be able to give me a bit more insight into the application process for their particular firms? i only know a few people in nyc and chicago and i know i'm going to need all the help i can get.

and ... that's as far as i've gotten. just the research. 

my plan is to have completed phase two by the beginning of next month. i need to start getting together my work samples, write a cover letter, and update my resume! there's only two weeks left till october! two weeks for all of that? mon dieu!

wish me luck!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

f. scott fitzgerald

"that is the beauty of literature. you discover that your longings are universal longings, that you're not lonely and isolated from anyone. you belong."

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

never more beautiful

"the best part about a picture of a beautiful girl is that she will stay a beautiful girl forever. she can be lovely. she can be cool. she can be anything you want her to be. you will never see her cry, laugh, wrinkle, or age. you will never see her fall in love, give birth, fail, or succeed. you can't save her. and maybe you might want to. but you will say, she was never more beautiful."

lulu and your mom  

Thursday, August 25, 2011

boundaries? what boundaries?

"i wanna send you a picture of my penis for reals"
"i wanna know what you think of it"

karen hong, CPI (certified penis inspector)